Why This Site?

dRASKY.COM explains who I am and why you may want to employ me as a member of your documentation team. You will find information here about my current and previous employment and about my professional background. Please stay and browse this site. It was created to provide you with most of the information you would gather from me during a professional interview. If you review this site and are not interested in employing me as a member of your documentation team, please comment on what influenced your decision. It is my professional goal to continually improve the services and skills I offer to employers, peers, and the profession of technical communication.

For persons seeking a professional technical writer, for whom I am not the writer you had in mind, you might want to contact Jim Desmond (Owner) of Technical Standards. Technical Standards is an employment service exclusively for documentation professionals. You might also want to contact Bonni Graham (Owner) of Manual Labour. Manual Labour is a unique technical documentation service that uses a team-focused approach to meet your documentation needs.

For more information about my professional qualifications and employment history, please select one of the links to your left or at the bottom of this page.

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